Hindi Poem dedicated to Mother-माँ

माँ तुम सबसे प्यारी हो maa
माँ तुम सबसे न्यारी हो
माँ तुम सबसे सुन्दर हो
माँ तुम रब से बढ़कर हो
माँ तुम सबसे कोमल हो
माँ तुम जल से भी शीतल हो
माँ तुम्हारी डांट में भी है मीठा प्यार छुपा
माँ तुम्हारी ममता सबसे ममतामयी
माँ तुमको है मेरा सदा प्रणाम

English Translation:

Oh mother you are most lovable

Oh mother you are the cutest

Oh mother you are most beautiful

Oh mother you are greater than God

Oh mother you are the softest

Oh mother you are cooler than water

Oh mother in your scoldings too, love is hidden

Oh mother your motherhood is most affectionate

Oh mother I offer my respect to you always



One thought on “Hindi Poem dedicated to Mother-माँ”

  1. A Poem normally is a way of expressing ones self, ones feelings and much more but; this poem expresses much more than just feelings/ thoughts/ words just put together to form rhyming phrases/ stanzas of poetry. But instead this poem expresses the uniqueness of the most amazing beings that have ever existed on earth! “Our Mothers”. And with this I thank you for these wonderful poems that open our eyes to see that each of our mothers are wonderful beings.

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