Hindi Poem on Bear – भालू पर कविता


कुत्ते जैसी शकल वाला
है ये भालू बड़ा निराला
हट्टा कट्टा मोटा ताज़ा
छोटी सी पूँछ तीखा पंजा
इसके हाथ न चढ़ना कभी
चीर फाड़ करदेगा सभी
खाना पीना सोना इसे भाता
सुस्त चाल ही ये चल पाता
शिकार इसका इतना हुआ
कि डर है कब ये लुप्त हुआ
-अनुष्का सूरी

English Translation:

Having a face that resembles a dog,

This animal bear is quite attractive

Having a strong body built

A small tail, and sharp claws

Never mess with a bear

It will tear you apart completely

It likes to eat, drink and rest

It has a very drowsy gait

Bears have been hunted so badly

that there is a fear of them being extinct soon

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