Hindi Poem on Onion-प्याज़ पर कविता


गुलाबी है इसका छिलका बाहर
काटो इसे तो बहें अश्रु हज़ार
जैनी ब्राह्मण वैष्णव करते ना ना
न हो पाए इसका सेवन रोज़ाना
दाल सब्ज़ी में लगे इसका तड़का
ये है सलाद में कच्चा भी पड़ता
बताओ ज़रा कौन है ये हमराज़
जी हाँ ये है पौष्टिक प्याज़
-अनुष्का सूरी

How to read:

Gulabi hai iska chilka bahar

Kato ise to bahein ashru hazaar

Jaini, Brahman, Vaishnav karte na na

Na ho paye iska seva rozana

Dal sabzi mein lage iska tadka

Ye hai salad mein kaccha bhi padta

Batao zara kaun hai ye humraz

Ji haan ye hai paushtik pyaz

-Anushka Suri

English Translation:

It is a pinkish peel on its outer surface

When you cut it, tears flow down your eyes involuntqrily

Jains, Brahmins and Vaishbava say no to this

They ensure that they do not consume it daily

It is used as a tadka (flavoring agent) in pulses and vegetable preparations

It is also consumed in its raw form in salad

Can you guess which friend is this one?

Yes, it is the healthy vegetable onion.

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